About WildFit


The WildFit 90 Challenge is carefully designed so you will not be hungry. There is also no exercise requirement. This program is about nutritional balance and getting your diet on track.


Backed by science and powerful food psychology, WildFit was designed to transform your relationship with food. 

What You Should Know About WildFit

*This is NOT a temporary detox or short-term cleanse. WildFit is a lifestyle, and WildFit 90 is about spending a dedicated period of time easing your body into this new way of living and eating.

*You’ll never be hungry. You know those programs that try to teach how to endure deprivation? This is not one of those. You’ll be satisfied every single day.

*Our exercise requirements=ZERO. We would never (never!) encourage anyone to not exercise. However, most people think that exercise is the greatest key to changing their body, but it actually isn't. It's almost always about the food you're eating. That's why WildFit focuses exclusively on nutritional choices and food mindset.

*No more "I'll do it someday" WildFit 90 has been intentionally designed as a timed process to help you achieve significant results in 90 days (and in most cases, less!). This program is designed to create change in your life NOW.

*We won’t sugarcoat it: This won’t always be easy. Some changes will feel effortless and others will really challenge you. This is why the community and coaching support are so invaluable. You’ll be supported every step.

*There are no special foods to purchase. WildFit 90 does not ask you to purchase “special foods” or “energy shakes” to complete the journey. All the foods you’ll be eating can be commonly found at your local supermarket.

*This is so much more than a nutrition program. WildFit 90 is also a major personal development journey. You'll walk away with greater clarity about yourself, why you've made the choices you have, and how to create sustainable change in your life (inside and outside the kitchen). 

Reset Your Relationship With Food

Are there some foods you wish you wanted to eat less of and other foods you wish you wanted to eat more of? Do you find yourself mindlessly eating?  

Are you confused about what’s actually ‘healthy’?  Or do you already know, but you’re not eating that way because it feels like your cravings are out of control? Maybe you think you're eating healthy but aren't seeing any results from your efforts?  

Are you using food to soothe stressful emotions? Maybe you use celebrations or special occasions as an excuse to over indulge?

Are you unsure of where to start and need some guidance and support?

If so, you're in the right place. I can help!

WildFit Success

This program has been meticulously created and updated over several years of working with thousands of clients, with a success rate of 90%. 

Success stories

Carefully designed by WildFit Founder Eric Edmeades, the WildFit 90 Challenge takes you on a three month journey of self-discovery and personal growth while you learn powerful tools to help you transform your relationship with food, forever.

The Next WildFit 90 Challenge begins March 25, 2019

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